Built a Mechanical Keyboard
I'd always wanted an ortholinear keyboard, and there weren't a lot of USB-C options around, so I set about building one of my own design. Quick rundown of the features:

  • 69 keys (5 rows, 14 columns, 2u spacebar)
  • Gateron Blue mechanical key switches
  • USB-C interface
  • All point-to-point wiring
  • Laser-cut sandwich case of bamboo and perspex, machined by https://www.ponoko.com/
  • Laser-cut, stainless steel switch plate from https://lasergist.com/
  • Some RGB lighting (of course)
  • Hand-rolled firmware
Do you use it? No. I think I went a bit overboard in terms of how many keys I actually need, and I find I get lost on it quite easily, and some of the important things (backspace, backspace, backspace) are notoriously difficult to reach.

It was a super fun project though, and I loved being able to tie all the things I love together: keyboards, software, hardware, firmware, and industrial design.

10/10 would build (a different design) again.